Gompers needs a new playground too.

Randall has been lucky enough to be able to do some amazing things to Olive Jones Park.  The kids LOVE their new playground!  But Gomper‘s current playground is old.  They deserve a chance to play on a new, safe playground as well.  Please help out!!

We have an opportunity to try and win a Healthy Playground Makeover! Gompers could be the recipient of a $10,000 grant to improve our playground, plus additional money for equipment from The Sports Authority.


(It asks you to ‘register.’  Search Madison, WI.  Find Gompers, school #21 on the list.  If nothing in the ‘Title/Role’ applies to you, pick other and write in supporter.)

Our chances of winning increase by the number of votes we get. Please take the time to vote every day. Send this link to all your friends and family as well. Help us get the word out and let’s work together to get started on a new playground!

This contest ends on December 1, 2010 so we only have a little over a week to make it happen. Vote, Vote, Vote!!

Tell a friend

The more entries Gompers school receives, the better the chances of winning!

12/2/10  The contest is now closed.  I will update you all on the results when I hear.  Cross your fingers and thank you for voting!!


4 thoughts on “Gompers needs a new playground too.

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