But I CAN’T!

Uh oh.  If you are an artist in my classroom, you know that the title of this post contains a naughty word.  The word ‘can’t’ is not allowed in the art room.  We discuss other things we can say like:

‘I need help!”

“I need to figure out another way to do this.”

“I’m having trouble.”

But saying those other things still doesn’t take the away the frustration of having your artwork turn out differently than you’d like.  Sometimes you just get frustrated and think it’s better not to create anything.  You just feel like sitting in class doing nothing because you feel like nothing you create is good enough.  While I, as your art teacher, KNOW this isn’t true (of course you can do it!)  but I understand the feeling.  Sometimes, you just feel defeated by the task in front of you.  We all feel this way sometimes.

I found a wonderful slide show that helps you draw nothing.  That’s right, nothing.  OK, really this slide show will help you get out of your creative funk.  Even better, it enlists friends to help you!  This link will take you to a wonderful slide show called ‘How To Draw Nothing.”  Let me know what you think!  (This would be a great thing to do during free choice time with a friend).

I also want you to know that sometimes your mistakes turn into WONDERFUL surprises!!  I’ve done drawings that I really don’t like and then someone comes along and says something like,”Wow!  I love that!  How did you do that?”  And I’m left to think,”Really?  This person LIKES my drawing?”  Mrs. Fuglestad (an art teacher in Illinios) has a student who had just that experience. He drew something called ‘shark dog’ and he discarded it.  But other students really loved shark dog.  In fact, students in other classes started loving shark dog too and pretty soon the whole school was excited about shark dog!  They even made a movie about him.  Here is the story on shark dog.

As Bob Ross says “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

Go create a Great Mistake!!

Or better yet, create art for nobody as Betsy Streeter has suggested in her blog post Art for Nobody.

Here’s a suggestion:

“Have you ever made art that no one will see? I mean, people write in journals and things, but I mean, taking a pencil or paints or a marker and just goofing around with NO intention of showing it to anybody.
Do you think you would draw differently? Would you pick a different subject?
Give it a try. Make art, that nobody is going to see but you. See what happens. It’s like having a conversation with yourself, revealing what’s on your mind. When you are done, you can toss it, or shred it, or put it away somewhere safe.
Because your art belongs to you first, you know.”

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