Olin Haunted House

Have fun with the family while supporting a wonderful cause!  This is for families with 3rd or 4th graders and up.  You know your child best!

Statistically speaking, there is someone in your son or daughter’s class that has been homeless or is currently homeless.  This isn’t an issue affecting ‘those people’ or someone in another community.  This is an issue affecting people very close to us.  Some of them are embarrassed to let others know they are struggling or pridefully don’t ask for help.  This doesn’t mean this isn’t an issue affecting our community.

The Road Home Dane County (formerly known as IHN) serves homeless families with children in collaboration with local faith communities and organizations.  They are committed to the empowerment and long-term success of children and families, to serving each family with dignity and respect and to achieving results in helping families improve their lives.  They welcome the entire community, in all its diversity, to participate in the pursuit of safe, affordable housing for all.

Horror In The Dark At Olin Park


Dates Open: October 15-16, 21-23, 28-31, 2010
Location: Olin Park
1156 Olin-Turville Court
Madison, WI 53715 (Weather)
Hours: 7-10pm each night.
Admission: $8/person. Tickets available at the booth in the parking lot.
Description: “Horror in The Dark at Olin Park” is the best haunted house in the Madison, WI area. It is run by the Madison Metro Jaycees and the purpose is to raise money for local charities. For 2010, we are going with The Road Home, an organization dedicated to helping homeless families in Madison get back on their feet.Upon entering this freakishly eerie mid 19th century dwelling, you will encounter the most vile of creatures and the most evil of beasts. From within these dark and desolate walls that you have entered, there is little chance of escape. Your self-guided journey through this horrific maze could result in your own bloody demise at the hands of the ferocious hell beast. So grab your silver bullet loaded rifle and come experience a terror filled night you just might not survive. And if you finally make it through and think it’s all over, think again. The woods outside of the house can be just as frightening as the inside. For the beast is not likely to be bound for long and is known to terrorize the countryside at night, tearing the flesh from his many victims and damning their souls forever.

General Information

Appropriate For: Tweens – Ages 10 and older
Age Details: Ages 8 and up
Scare Factor: High (provided by event)
Accessible: Not Wheelchair Accessible
Wait Area: No covered waiting area
Setting: Indoors and Outdoors
Organization: Charity / Nonprofit
Type of Event: Haunted Attraction, Haunted House

Contact Information

Phone: 608-438-0872
Email: rjprall@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.myspace.com/horrorinthedarkatolinpark

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