The eyes have it..

2nd and 3rd graders are preparing for a big project, but it’s a secret!  We will be doing a few smaller projects in preparation for a larger project.  This is the first in a series of smaller projects.

Students begin by practicing drawing eyes.  I’ve given them tools for drawing eyes including a handout with specific steps on it.  We’ve all learned how to write the letter ‘A’, all of our A’s sometimes look different from each other.  We all have our own handwriting.  Using the handout below as a guide, students are putting their own style into drawing eyes.

Students studied each others eyes as well as their own using mirrors.  Students looked for different lines and shapes in their eyes compared to their friends eyes.  Students may also notice the patterns in each others eyes as well as the contrast created by lights and darks around the eyes.

Here are some ways our different eyes have turned out so far:

Students have been encouraged to practice drawing eyes at home so if you catch them making funny faces at themselves in the mirror, you’ll know why!

Stay tuned for the next step!

*This lesson plan was created by UW art ed practicum student Courtney Moor.

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