Children’s Museum Art Gallery Opening – TOMORROW NIGHT!!

Join The NEW Madison Children’s Museum from 6–8 p.m. September 2 for their first Art Studio Gallery reception!

September’s featured medium is painting. There is work by young artists from 6 elementary schools, including Gompers, Allis, Lowell, Nuestro Mundo, Randall, and Shorewood Hills; plus Madison Waldorf School. Katharine Goray, Martha Vasquez, and Tom Linfield are the featured adult artists. The show will be up through September 30.

Did you make a bottle cap last year? Go find your work in the mosaic in the beautiful new art gallery!!!!

Go see our two of our artists work hanging in the gallery.

Have you seen the LEGO display?  Our students had a hand in that too!

Try painting on the wall!

Go see Dr. Evermor’s new sculpture!

There is plenty to do.  Take advantage of the FREE admission tomorrow night, 6-8pm.  See you there!


2 thoughts on “Children’s Museum Art Gallery Opening – TOMORROW NIGHT!!

  1. Dear Ethan,
    I love that your favorite subject is art! I’m glad you don’t feel there is a right way to do art as long as you do it your way. I love when kids come up with a million different ways to complete projects that I never thought of! Keep that creativity and keep listening to PBS kids. They sound like they have some good ideas!

    Ms. Walsh

  2. Dear Ms.Walsh,
    Yahoo my fav subject is art because you can do it however you want, “there’s no right way,no wrong way as long you do it your way.” got that for Electric Company on PBS kids it is on at 2:30 every afternoon on the weekdays. cant wait till clay and tiles I hope I come later after i get older and find my tile. 🙂

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