Tenney-Lapham Art Walk

On June 27th, I had an opportunity to meet some local artists and see their work!  There were 12 participating artists: Sharon and Bill Redinger, Jane Scharer, Bridgit Maniaci, Brian McCormick, Skot Weidemann, Jeff Wilton, Chris Jungbluth, Pat Rodell, Mary Jo Schiavoni, Lorna Aaronson, Caroline Hoffman and Gene Kinnamon.  I have chosen to highlight seven of these artists.  Hopefully, some of these artists will be peeking in our classroom next year.  : )

First, I stopped by Bridget Maniaci.  She is a photographer.

Bridget Maniaci

'Cloud Cult' High Noon Saloon

She is currently an alder in Madison.  ‘Before settling on politics, Bridget spent her time at UW-Madison working as a photojournalist for The Daily Cardinal and has had standing assignments with The Capitol Times and The Onion.  Her time a the newspaper brought out a natural love for live music photography.  Rooted in photojournalist style, Bridget’s photographs capture the mood and atmosphere of the music club and venues the pictures were taken in.’

Second up, a husband and wife duo: Sharon and Bill.

Bill Redinger is a serigrapher.  Serigraphy is a fancy word for screen printing, like the prints in your shirts!  ‘Since 1987, Bill has found it enjoyable to depict scenes from nature.’

Sharon Redinger and her work

His wife, Sharon Redinger, is also inspired by nature.  ‘She describes her style as ‘hard-edge watercolor.’  The close  world of leaves has captured her attention.  Each was of color is left to dry before another is placed net to it.  Saturated colors and dark shadows are created by multiple layers of color washes.’



The next artist was my very favorite artist of the day!  Jane Scharer is a print maker.  She really loves layering mono-prints.  ‘I have always loved art; it was my avocation until I retired to make a commitment to becoming an artist.  Madison is a great town in which to practice art with its excellent museums, galleries, and studio courses.’

Jane Scharer

My FAVORITE piece of the day!

Jane's studio space and printing press.

Next up, Brian McCormick.  ‘In 2008, Brian took an early retirement from a career in architecture so that he could spend his time making art.’

Brian McCormick

Great example of negative and positive space

He combines ‘his art with a love of the woods, hills, and prairies of the Driftless Region.  He is producing landscape paintings, a genre he had not explored before.’

Jeff Wilton is a photographer.  ‘Jeff used to hide in film/print dark rooms; he now hides in the basement on a computer spending hours in Photoshop.  He sometimes comes out to show what he has been up to, the Art Walk is such an occasion.  Photographs of the altered landscape and the urban landscape have been recurrent subjects in his work.  Photographs from a trip to Wellington, NZ this last winter are on display.’

Jeff Wilton

Urban Wellington

Last up is Mary Jo Shiavoni.  She is makes jewelry as well as handmade textiles.  ‘Mary Jo considers herself a ‘jack of few trades’ when it comes to textiles and jewelry.  A weaver and avid beader (sometimes knitter, felter, and dyer), she utilizes beads, yarns and colorful fibers to create hats, scarves, jewelry and other articles of apparel.  Her creations reflect a combination of many mediums and her love o bold colors and different textures.’

Mary Jo giving an explanation of her dye process.

Mary Jo and her work floating in the breeze

I really enjoyed an opportunity to talk with the artists and find out more about their thoughts and process.  I hope to have more opportunities to have more of these sort of conversations in the future!


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